Chris Gill and the Sole Shakers

The Sole Shakers

Put a Shake in your Shoes!

What do you get when you mix equal parts soul, funk, jazz, reggae, blues and a nice hefty scoop of New Orleans fat back boiled in a pot of full-out energy? You get the WHITE hot sound of Chris Gill and the Sole Shakers. If you’re hungry for something fresh and heavy in rhythm, the Sole Shakers have the right recipe. Guaranteed to put a move in your groove, a dip in your hips, and a shake in your shoes!  

The Sole Shakers are available with or without a full horn section, for Festivals, Public and Private performances and events. 

Joining Chris in The Sole Shakers are: 

Forrest "juke" Gordon - Drums and Vocals 

Gary Scott - Bass and Background Vocals 

Tony Berry - Keyboard 

Meredith Michelle - Vocals and Hand Percussion