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Chris is headed back to the 2018 International Blues Convention and Competition in Memphis Tennessee this January representing the

Vicksburg Blues Society with The Mississippi Boogie Krew...

MBK represents the culmination of members that have worked together, and toured internationally, in various ensembles for more than 30 years.  Led by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Chris Gill, these bluesmen are the epitome of juke joint flair and talent.  Chris shines on various guitars and brings innovation to the set with his cigar box guitar. Vocalist Henry Rhodes has a signature sound that is rough and classically the Blues.  Henry connects on a level that is authentic and mesmerizing, pouring himself into his music and quips with passion. MBK sends a nod to Mississippi’s legends.


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Chris "Blue" Gill

"Songs for the Soles"

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4  Seafood Revolution  Blues Brunch 11:00 Solo Every Sunday!!

    Pelican Cove  6:00   Band

9  Iron Horse Grill   9:00 Band

11  Seafood Rev  11:00

13  Yacht Club  Private Party  Band

14  Yacht Club   6:30    Solo

15  Livingston Farmers Market  5:00  Solo

16  Castlewoods  6:00  Solo

17  The Club  1:00 pm  Solo

18  Seafood Rev

21  Old Capital Inn  6:00  Solo

22  Pelican Cove  6:00  Solo

23  Roux 61  6:00  Solo

24  Rolling River Bistro  7:00 w Brint Anderson

25  Seafood Rev

30  Kathryn's Steakhouse  7:00  Band


1  the Club  1:00  Solo  the Rez   4th Of July Celebration  6:30  Band

2  Seafood Revolution Blues Brunch  EVERY SUNDAY  11:00  Solo

7  Rolling River Bistro  7:00

9  Seafood Rev  11:00

     Pelican Cove 1:00   Band

14  Kathryn's  7:00  Band

15  the Club  Solo

16 Seafood Rev

22  the  Club  1:00  Solo

      Pelican Cove  7:00  Band

23  Seafood Rev

28 and 29  Private Party

30 Seafood Rev

     Kathryns's Steakhouse  6:00  Band


4  Kathryn's Steakhouse 7:00   Band

5 the Club 1:00  Solo

6  Seafood Rev Blues Brunch Every Sunday!

11  Pelican Cove  7:00   Band

12  Shuckers  3:00  Band

13 Seafood Rev

18  Rolling River Bistro  7:00  Solo

19  the Club 1:00  Solo

25  Kathryn's  7:00  Band

26  Big Muddy in Vicksburg  7:00  Band

27  Seafood Rev

31  Pelican Cove  6:00  Solo

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