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Solo acoustic; duos with other musicians and drummers too;

full grooving bands like

Mississippi Boogie Krew and the Sole Shakers ...


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Chris "Blue" Gill

"Songs for the Soles"

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Show Time...

Every Sunday  Seafood Revolution Blues Brunch  Solo  11:00


July 3  Bacchus  Solo


July 4  Private


July 6   Cottonwood  Vicksburg   solo  6:00


July 7   Pelican Cove  Soleshakers  7:00


July 10  Dragos  solo  6:00


July 12  Kathryn's    TBone Trio   6:00


July 13  Kathryn's    Soleshakers  7:00


July 14  Iron Horse  Soleshakers


July 18  Pelican Cove  Solo  6:00


July 19  the Gathering  Solo  6:00


July 20 - 21  Waterview Casino   Soleshakers  8:00


July 27  Kathryn's   Soleshakers    7:00


July 28  119  Underground    Soleshakres  8:00




Aug 2   119 Underground   Soleshakers  7:00


Aug 3   Natchez Wine Festival  Soleshakers  6:00


Aug 4    Private


Aug 9  Pelican Cove  solo  6:00


Aug 10  Dragos  Solo  6:00


Aug 15  Mississippi Queen   Soleshakers  7:00


Aug 23 119 U   Soleshakers  7:00


Aug 24  Pelican Cove  Soleshakers   7:00


Aug 30  119 U  Soleshakers  7:00


Aug 31  Kathryn's   Soleshakers  7:00

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